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How Do I Pay My Class Fees?



Fees are payable monthly by Direct Debit with a school year 11 month billing cycle from September to July. The actual number of monthly payments you make in your first billing cycle will depend on which month you join CTA Performing Arts.


Select your class and after submitting your details you will be prompted to set up a Direct Debit with CTA Performing Arts via our payment partner GoCardless. On submission of the GoCardless online form, your enrolment will be completed.


Under our Joining Plan, your first payment will be for your registration fee and the first and last (exit) enrolment months taken together.



Unlike many dance schools and other similar sports/gym clubs we do not have complex joining and cancellation policies locking you into lengthy contracts and confusing cancellation and exit payment requirements. Your first payment will be for your first and last (exit) enrolment months and when you want to cancel (which we hope will not be for many years) simply complete the online Cancellation Form with a minimum of 1 months notice and, as your exit months enrolment fee has already been taken by us, we will cancel your direct debit arrangement 1 month before your last class with no fuss.




On joining CTA Performing Arts and enrolling in a class (or classes) you will be charged a £25 one-off registration fee and the enrolment fee for the first and last (exit) months of your membership with us (see WHY DO WE TAKE 2 MONTHS FEES AS THE FIRST PAYMENT). All further payments will be taken monthly according to the GoCardless schedule set up by us when you join. The regular payment date will be between 5 and 10 days after the date of your setting up the Direct Debit with GoCardless and payments will continue monthly on the same date until the last payment of the school year in July. No payment will be taken in August and payments will resume in September of the succeeding school year and will continue for 11 months until July of that year. If you change classes at any time during the school year your monthly Direct Debit payments will be amended accordingly from the date of the class change.




We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply complete and submit the Cancellation Form on our website a minimum of 1 month before you will no longer be attending classes. As under our Joining Plan you will have already paid your last (exit) months enrolment fee, we will then cancel your direct debit arrangement 1 month before your last class with no fuss.

Cancellation Policy
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