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Our introduction to dance and music for every child focusing on body awareness and co­ordination. Our pre-school dance classes are a combination of tap, ballet, acro and creative movement. Our classes are kept small with a maximum of 15 students per class. 


Pre-school dance classes take place from September through to July and in June our students from 3 years upwards are able to participate in our annual show at Questors Theatre. For the first term, our preschoolers will focus on the basics of ballet, tap modern and acro dance. Once January comes, we will begin our year end show dance to be performed in June at Questors Theatre Ealing.


We follow the Melody Movement ballet, ISTD tap & modern syllabus and the Pre-School Acrobatic Arts syllabus with our Acro.


Our pre-school classes are structured to follow 20 minutes each of tap, ballet and acro to make up this class time. Pre-school dance classes are offered to our 3 and 45year olds and are the first unparented, full year dance class that we offer at CTA Performing Arts.



The Fine Arts Club is a diverse, all-inclusive programme for children ages 2-4 years. Its fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying music, art and drama lessons. Students have five classes each day filled with imagination and creativity. The goal of the programme is to enhance each child's overall development by advancing gross and fine motor skills and improving social, cognitive and emotional awareness. This is your child's opportunity to develop their confidence, spark imagination and foster creativity. It's time to get active and connect with others with a small class size in a large studio space. 

Each group will have a maximum of 12 students participating. Classes take place in our large clean studios.

The Fine Arts Club is available as two 5 week short courses per term.



CTA takes pride in being a centre for excellence in musical theatre for children. Our musical theatre programme delivers a mix of jazz, and modern dance skills with singing and acting. Our MT classes promote imagination, creativity, self expression, teamwork and confidence. Students step happily out of classes feeling a greater sense of personal achievement whilst making new friends along the way. These classes are suitable for those who just love to sing, dance and act or for those students who wish to pursue a career in MT. Our MT Students have gone onto star in West End musicals and Disney films.



Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms and is the most important dance class to take.  Children will love building on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music as they grow their strength and abilities. Through ballet, students develop poise, proper placement, balance, flexibility and coordination as well as knowledge of anatomy & ballet vocabulary.  Classes include traditional barre, centre, adage and allegro.  Ballet is the foundation of many forms of dance and an accomplished level of study is necessary to excel in jazz and modern. We follow the ISTD Syllabus & exams may be taken from the age of 5 years.



Made popular during the early part of the 20th Century, this appealing dance style has become very popular in recent years. mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. Classes will include a tap warm-up, skill development, progressions, centre combinations and routines. Emphasis is placed on musicality and sound quality as well as developing proper technique and style, while having FUN! We follow the ISTD Syllabus & exams may be taken from 6 years.



Modern Dance bridges the gap between jazz and ballet, and is often the style of dancing you see in Broadway and West End shows. While it is less ‘rigid’ than ballet, modern dance still requires students to build a strong technical foundation.  Contemporary is an ever-evolving dance form that is taught and performed in bare feet and draws on traditional modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques. Classes will focus on the use of the spine, asymmetry, floor-work, level changes and the dynamic use of energy in movement. Perfect class for those who love ballet.



Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength. We follow the prestigious Acrobatic Arts syllabus. With strength and flexibility being key elements to our acro dance classes, emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning, stretching as well as strength training. Acro dance allows dancers to safely learn acrobatic tricks in a way that allows the dancer to perform them on a stage floor.



Commercial hip-hop dance, sometimes called "new style”, is the kind of hip-hop dance seen in rap, R&B, and pop music videos and concerts. Choreography is not specific to one genre (strictly popping, strictly locking, or strictly breaking) but rather an amalgamation of urban party dancing with studio technique added to it. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Students will master individual moves before learning to build up to longer routines. The Hip Hop/Street Dance craze remains popular around the world and students will love these dynamic classes.



CTA Performing Arts LAMDA training is offered in small groups where we prepare our students to be entered for the prestigious LAMDA exams in Speech & Drama. LAMDA is one of the UK’s more respected awarding bodies and LAMDA qualifications are well recognised and respected by all universities and colleges. Higher graded examinations count towards UCAS. LAMDA exams are about achievement – recognising and rewarding the endeavours of each individual – but they are also about empowerment. The aim of our LAMDA classes is to provide our students with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success: attributes such as self-confidence and the ability to communicate clearly and present ideas.



There are so many benefits for your child in being part of the CTA Performing Arts STARS  Pre-school programme for 15 months – 5 years. If you want to set your child up to reach their best academic potential in the future, helping develop their motor skills is an important start. Research shows that there is a language explosion once a child masters some of the early motor developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling, and especially walking and of course skipping! Why? Important neurological connections are formed with each physical milestone mastered.

Our Pre-school programmes are a great way for you to meet other mums and caregivers and even make lifelong friends! Our professional studios are situated next door to Starbucks and are a great place to meet for a coffee either before or after your child’s dance class!  

At CTA Performing Arts your child can begin their journey with us from 15 months and continue their life journey with us until they are 18! When you come to CTA Performing Arts you also become part of a community and a performing arts family.


Pre-school programme
Children's Classes
Musical Theatre
Fine Arts Club
Classical Ballet
Modern Dance/Contemporary
Hip Hop & StreetDance

We Are Covid Safe 

We have plans in place for all possible scenarios and are prepared to move "in and out" of multiple scenarios depending on the situation (see our Covid-19 Safe Studio Policy)

Working in line with recommendations from the government and health authorities, we have introduced enhanced preventative health & safety measures to ensure customers and co-workers feel safe to work and dance.

  • We are currently limiting to 15 students per class

  • We will follow a hybrid system of in-person classes following required social distancing and live Zoom classes. Each studio has a Zoom Station (webcam/TV/laptop) and classes will be live on Zoom as well as in-person for all classes for 5 years and upwards.

  • Classes are drop-off only and our Reception is closed to parents/carers and siblings. Under 5's may be accompanied by their parent/carer.

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Pre-School Short Courses
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