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Pre-School         Programme 5 Week Short Courses
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Summer Timetable April-July 2021
Book short 5 week summer dance courses - £85 for five 45 minute classes
(fees include a free tutu or t-shirt & shorts worth £25 when you enrol in one of our short courses - and no registration fee!)
* Fine Arts Club lasts 2 hours and is £150 per Short Course
Summer T3 2021 Timetable Preschool Short
About our CTA Performing Arts Pre-School            Programme

There are so many benefits for your child in being part of the CTA Performing Arts STARS  Pre-school programme for 15 months – 5 years. If you want to set your child up to reach their best academic potential in the future, helping develop their motor skills is an important start. Research shows that there is a language explosion once a child masters some of the early motor developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling, and especially walking and of course skipping! Why? Important neurological connections are formed with each physical milestone mastered.

Our Pre-school programmes are a great way for you to meet other mums and caregivers and even make lifelong friends! Our professional studios are situated next door to Starbucks and are a great place to meet for a coffee either before or after your child’s dance class!  

At CTA Performing Arts your child can begin their journey with us from 15 months and continue their life journey with us until they are 18! When you come to CTA Performing Arts you also become part of a community and a performing arts family.

Our Dance and Movement classes have so many benefits for the Pre-School child:

Gross Motor Development

Gross Motor Development is vital for cognitive development. The more tummy time, crawling etc, the better that your child will develop their cognitive skills eg. pattern recognition and problem solving.

Each of those skills provide the foundation for cognitive development. Each act of motor planning helps to improve brain function. Properly matured vestibular and proprioceptive systems allows them to move safely through their environments. Core strength improves their ability to focus as they get older. Choreography, music exposure, and movement patterns set the stage for puzzles and problem solving, and early math skills.

Scapular and core strength are important for fine motor skills, including writing and drawing. Improved foot and ankle strength improve posture while walking and helps prepare them for athletics should they be interested as they grow.

Teach Early Social Skills


These classes will help your little one develop social skills. Our animated, professional dance instructors use interactive language and expressions to engage your little one.

Exposure to a variety of faces, expressions, tones of voice, and directions helps your child learn how to read different situations. It’s helpful and important for children to see what a happy, excited, serious, etc., face looks like on a variety of people.  

Your child is also learning to follow instructions from another adult which helps prepare them for school, sports, and more.

About our Classes

Mommy & Me Teeny Stars 15 months – 2 years

This fun filled class is the perfect introduction to movement and dance for your child. In this class, you and your child will learn to love dance together in a stimulating, structured and nurturing environment.  Nannies, caregivers and daddies are absolutely welcome in this class! The classes are taught by very experienced dance teachers who have been chosen for their expertise in teaching this age group.

At Mommy and Me classes your child is learning:

  • Music notes

  • Moving on the beat

  • Movement patterns

  • Motor planning

  • Crossing their midline

  • Developing foot, ankle, scapular, and core strength

  • Improving posture

  • Remembering choreography

  • Having fun!

Dancing Stars Medley 3-4 years

This fun class is a combination of ballet, movement, modern, jazz and acro dance! It’s great for children who love to move! This class is a fast-paced programme, dividing the 45 minutes into 15 minute sections of ballet, modern and jazz and acrodance including a warmup and cool down in a fun, high energy and creative way.

Mini Ballet Stars 3-4 and First Ballet Stars 3-5

If your child loves to dance and leap around the house, it’s time to come and dance at CTA Performing Arts. Our Ballet programme for Under 5’s is a great way to introduce your child to the joy of ballet in a fun and structured environment. Our classes are taught by experienced professional ballet teachers in our wonderful dance studios. With the use of props, imagination and creative ideas, these classes will enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills.

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The Fine Arts Club 2-4 years

Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Music, Drama and Art

The Fine Arts Club is a diverse, all-inclusive programme for children ages 2-4 years. Its fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying music, art and drama. In the 2 hour session, students have 5 classes each day filled with imagination and creativity. The goal of the Fine Arts Club is to enhance each child's overall development including gross motor skill and improve social, cognitive and emotional awareness.


Select your class(es) from the timetable below. The prices shown are for the remaining classes in the short course. Follow the instructions to complete your enrolment and proceed to registration and booking. You will then be directed to online payment with Stripe which is fully secure with full Trustwave validation. 

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